Trunk Of Man? Say What? I'm sure you are more than curious what our name means, how we started, and what we do. Here ya go.
      5 years ago, our owner and founder, Josh McClain, was sitting at a kitchen table in his favorite vacation spot of St. Augustine, FL. As a longtime businessman, his mind is always wandering looking for the next great idea. With the monthly subscription box market booming, he wanted to be a part of it. He started putting together a "manly" box. The box itself was curated with stuff primarily for men: pocket knives, fishing lures, etc. 
      But what should he call it? As he stared at this box, it finally hit him. It was for men. It was a box. Men's box? Ummm, no. Box of Man? No, still didn't sound right. Finally. Trunk. Trunk Of Man. That's it. And so it began.
      Back in his hometown in Georgia, Josh began to market the box. It quickly took off, but there was something missing. One day, he had some "Trunk Of Man" t-shirts made and threw them in for that month's shipment. Before he knew it. "Trunk Of Man" took off in a new direction of apparel, leading to the 2017 opening of our first physical location in Datlton, GA. 
      Moving away from the pocket knives and fishing lures, Trunk Of Man began it's new path, and what we are today. We started to add handmade, organic soaps. Over 250 to be exact! The most scents anywhere. When we do something, we do it right and strive to be the best. 
      Then, the "true" direction of Trunk Of Man would take shape. Men's apparel (women's too), incredible organic soaps, and what we are now known for: Beard Care. We took our process of soap making and expanded it to organic, premium beard care. The best products on the market. The most unique and expansive line on the market. Scents that are one of a kind to Trunk Of Man, like Tobacco Field and Vernon Avenue, are quickly making their way to beard shops, salons, breweries and novelty shops nationwide. 
       We appreciate your business and your interest in our company. We look forward to seeing you out there as we are quickly expanding. Feel free to yell at us if you have any questions, want to carry our products, or just need some for home. We are always working on the next unique scents as we continue to expand our already large Beard Care Line.