Steampunk Steamers™

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Steampunk Steamers™ Shower Steamer SINUS SMASHER

No tiny steamer disc here. These are huge man-sized steamers that actually release enough oil to make a difference, not juts so you can sniff it.

Directions: Shower steamers are designed to slowly release oils during your shower. Place a steamer at the bottom of your shower. For a longer lasting steamer, place indirectly from the mainstream of water. As the steamer gets wet, it will slowly begin to fizz releasing the wonderful oils into the steam of your shower. Now all you have to do is inhale, relax and pamper yourself.

Can last up to 2 showers, depending on how wet they get. 

  • 100% Natural
  • Aromatherapy Benefits
  • Aids In Congestion, Seasonal Allergies, Etc.
PLEASE NOTE: For external use only. These are not designed to go in your bath or directly on the skin due to the high concentration of essential and/or fragrance oils. If you're pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition, please consult your doctor before using essential oil products.

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