Hey world, you asked, so you shall receive! Trunk Of Man: The Beard Care Pros is excited to announce that we are going nationwide with our extensive Beard Care Line, Soaps, and Apparel. Whether you own a Premium Barber Shop, a novelty store, or are a major chain of Salons and grooming, we have you covered. 

100% organic (really, no bull crap in our stuff), our Beard Care products will leave your customers begging for more. Specializing in a long line of oils, balms, shaving creams, beard washes, and much more, Trunk Of Man can satisfy even the toughest of clients who are looking for that off the wall scent. Sure, we have the basics: Coconut, Orange Cedarwood, and Rosemary Mint to name a few. 
But what makes us so different? Glad you asked. We take pride in always trying to find something new and exciting. That's what led us to our number one seller, and quite frankly, the most unique and powerful Beard Line on the market: Tobacco Field. Or our newest and already sought after discovery: Vernon Avenue. It doesn't end there. We never stop, we never get bored, we never get complacent. 
So check us out. You won't be disappointed, I can guarantee that. Order a sample kit and see for yourselves. We'll be happy to send one out to you. Oh, and did I mention? We have over 250 different soaps! And unique, one of a kind premium apparel. 
Like I said, we got you covered. 
Please tell us about your business in the comment section.